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Unique & Professional Motophoto Portraits


Portraits last a lifetime…

There are many special occasions to have your portraits taken at MOTOPHOTO.







Start your child’s baby album with a newborn portrait at a MOTOPHOTO & Portrait Studio.



Babies grow and change so quickly – be sure to add their three-month, six-month, nine-month, and first birthday portraits to their baby album.


First Birthday:

Bring your baby, balloons, and the cake and watch your one-year old have fun – we will capture the memory for you.



Every birthday is important… portraits from MotoPhoto will provide you with memories of those “Happy Birthdays.”


Child’s Firsts:

Sitting up, new tooth, first steps, and haircut – let us create memories of all your child’s memorable firsts.




Special Events



MotoPhoto offers many advantages to the senior looking for professional and affordable portraits. For these once-in-a-lifetime portraits, MotoPhoto offers a wide selection of props and poses. Bring a change of clothes or even a friend or group for that special senior memory.



MotoPhoto can provide black and white engagement portraits for announcements and the newspaper. Many MotoPhoto Portrait Studio stores also offer wedding photography for your special day.

Anniversaries: Should be remembered – let us capture the special day and memory for you.



Let us create a special memory of a special time in your child’s life – bring their sport uniform to their portrait session.



Include your child’s instrument in their next portrait – let us capture a beautiful memory and time in their life.



On tap or on toe – we’ll pose the memory for you.


First Communion / Religious Events:

These times are important and should be remembered – let us help you create the memory.



Holidays are perfect for creating portraits and portrait giving – let us create the memories and do the shopping for you. (Remember Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa).






Generation Portraits:

Timeless treasures – during the Thanksgiving holiday or a family reunion, bring everyone to MotoPhoto for the generation portrait of a lifetime.



Families grow and change – When was the last time your family had their portrait taken?



Celebrate friendships – have a portrait taken with your best friend(s).





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